New Installation at Northeastern

JP Canlis created a custom glass installation for Pacific Northwest newbie, Northeastern University-Seattle. The East Coast based university opened its doors in the South Lake Union area in January 2013. Canlis Glass was commissioned to create an installation that would embody the culture and community of the Seattle area. JP was able to create a sculpture, Connectivity, that brings these general themes together in the realm of art that Seattle holds so dear; glass. His seven-piece installation, of hand-blown and hot-sculpted glass molecules, floats above the space in the campus entryway. Their presence in the building draws the viewer in and illuminates the vision of the campus. 

JP and his assistants created Connectivity over the course of 5 months to completion. The process of blowing the glass in a hot shop, refining the pieces in the cold shop along with establishing the seven different molecules as singular sculptures was a rewarding and challenging experience for JP and his team. The entire installation spans a space of 9 feet squared and is suspended 7 1/2 feet from the ceiling in the entryway of the building. 

JP's creative ability to form a concept, display it on paper, skillfully form the pieces and see it through to the installation day is what defines his as an incredible glass artist. Previous to Connectivity, he has created numerous custom installation projects such Insignificance Bamboo, Raindrop Chandelier, and Wheat Installation. He realm of original thought and skill give him the ability to envision an installation and create it. 

Please email info@canlisglass.com to inquire about custom installations.