Onshore Lagoon Breathe

Seattle based artist, JP Canlis, is known for his steady tide of artistic creativity in the glass art genre. His visions of glistening wheat to towering stalks of bamboo may be the most well known, but the Ocean Studies can be equally captivating. Onshore Lagoon Breathe demonstrates his talents beautifully. The harmony of shape, depth and light join together in this Breathe series piece. The hand etched ripples on the surface of the piece are reminiscent of the texture of wind on water. 

The ability to bring the natural beauty found in nature, and contain it in one piece, is one of JP's many talents. Whether in a gallery, residential or commercial setting, JP's artwork showcases nature with contemporary elegance. 

View the Breathe Series by | CLICKING HERE |. To purchase Onshore Lagoon Breathe please contact info@canlisglass.com