Onshore Lagoon Breathe

Seattle based artist, JP Canlis, is known for his steady tide of artistic creativity in the glass art genre. His visions of glistening wheat to towering stalks of bamboo may be the most well known, but the Ocean Studies can be equally captivating. Onshore Lagoon Breathe demonstrates his talents beautifully. The harmony of shape, depth and light join together in this Breathe series piece. The hand etched ripples on the surface of the piece are reminiscent of the texture of wind on water. 

The ability to bring the natural beauty found in nature, and contain it in one piece, is one of JP's many talents. Whether in a gallery, residential or commercial setting, JP's artwork showcases nature with contemporary elegance. 

View the Breathe Series by | CLICKING HERE |. To purchase Onshore Lagoon Breathe please contact info@canlisglass.com

Makapuu Backwash

JP Canlis, Seattle-based glass artist, is once again bringing us back to the coast of Hawaii through his newest sculpture, Makapuu Backwash. The artistic application of bubbles and the fade of jade green to soft blue, capture the flow of the waves. A backwash, by definition, is when a wave collides against a sea wall or barrier and is then thrust back out to sea, meeting the oncoming wave head on. When JP created his Ocean Studies series, of hand-blown glass artwork, he wanted to include the backwash form, as it reminded him of playing in the waves as a child. Later, his experience surfing these waves gave him an up close look at the elegant forms and the balance of the water. He used his natural insight to create a piece that is defined, complete and pleasing to the eye. 

To inquire about this piece or a commission of a Backwash piece, please

Aurora Backwash

Artist JP Canlis' Backwash series has a new addition, Aurora Backwash. Deep color, graceful lines and elegant form in glass captures the natural phenomenon of backwash. A backwash, in the ocean, is the occurrence of two waves colliding after a wave has hit an obstacle that sends it reeling backwards. JP takes the organic movement of the water and recreates the simplicity of nature in glass. View Aurora Backwash here. 

Wheat Installation

At Canlis Glass, glass artist JP Canlis is working hard to keep up with the demand for his glass Wheat Installations. Hundreds of pieces of glass create a beautiful art installation in a resident or public setting. The application is virtually endless and the end result is a delicate balance of texture and depth. Please contact us for more information on commissions, pricing and availability.

View Wheat Installations

Sundown Peel

On display at Canlis Glass, Sundown Peel brings summer to life. During dreary months in the Pacific Northwest,  JP used the art of hand blown glass to recreate memories of surfing in Hawaii. Sundown Peel depicts the dip of the sun into the ray-drenched waters of Hawaii. The clean lines and balance of this piece, make it easily one of the nicest Peels JP has created.  JP’s love of the ocean, surfing and the sun is present in this piece.

View Sundown Peel | HERE |.

Miniature Green Bamboo

Give the gift of creativity this holiday season. We say JP Canlis' Miniature Green Bamboo is the best way to shower your loved one with something a little playful. The bamboo stalks can be reconfigured to display personal artistic style. Please inquiry for additional information.


Raindrop Chandelier

Raindrops are a common topic in Seattle. Fortunately, JP Canlis took this normal occurance to a new dimension with his hand-blown glass Raindrop Chandelier. Hung above a dining room table, in one of Seattle's most prestigious condos, everyday weather takes on a luminous beauty. This chandelier is lit externally to create glowing drops of rain for a dramatic design element that can be seen from the entrance of the home, as well as the main living area. Each component is blown, the largest piece measuring five feet in length. Please click on the link below to see current available Raindrop Chandelier.

View installation of Raindrop Chandelier.

Woodland Park Zoo: Jungle Party Donation

Friday, July 15th Woodland Park Zoo will highlight a Canlis Glass party live auction item. Visit with Leigh and JP Canlis at the fun auction and be the first in queue to bid on the event package at the renowned glass art gallery. Going for up to $7k at local live auctions,  the gallery party is now one of the hottest tickets in town.  Delicious appetizers prepared by Andaluca are paired with specialty cocktails by Makers Mark and great local wines.  This auction item will raise money for a great cause and be one to enjoy. We hope to see you here!

Miniature Wheat

JP Canlis heard your praise about the lamp-worked glass art Wheat Installation, but for some of you, where to put it? For the urban dweller, the new Mini Wheat can be placed on your coffee table as a great conversation piece. This scaled down Mini Wheat possesses the same elegance and poise of it's parents. With 45 stalks of hand made glass wheat gracing your table or shelf even the most urban home can have a farm-like sophistication.

Custom Glass Art Undertow

JP recently created a custom glass art piece from his Undertow Series. To fit a specific spot in a Seattle glass collector's home, he worked to make a three-piece Undertow set in a rich and bright topaz palette. The largest piece of the set (pictured here) was the most difficult to create with its fragility and scale. Installed in a kitchen niche, in a high-rise condominium, the Undertow set is breathtaking.

For more information on ordering a specific commissioned piece, please contact leigh@canlisglass.com.